Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For those who aren't aware, I love Scrubs, the TV show. One of my favorite Scrubs moments involved Dr. Kelso, the newly retired Chief of Medicine, and Denise, a medical intern at Sacred Heart. He is trying to intimidate her and she responds with "Watch the lip Grandpa, because you wouldn't be the first old man I ever beat up." Kelso turns to JD and says, "I like her, she's got girl balls." A funny moment (better if you see it), and a phrase that has stuck with me.

I watched a biography of Carrie Underwood tonight, (Love her, by the way. She's adorable and her music is amazing!) and during one of the commercial breaks was a spot for a later biography show on Dolly Parton. I didn't watch it, because I wanted to actually get to bed at a semi-decent hour (oops), but it reminded me of how much I really love that woman. She has girl balls.

Dolly Parton has to be the smartest, ballsiest woman in the world. She started singing country music in the 60's and made it big. She stood up to Elvis Presley's "people" when he wanted to do a cover of her "I Will Always Love You" and required half of the publishing rights to the song be part of the deal. She said no, and has made millions off that single decision. It's part of why she's been called "The Iron Butterfly."

She doesn't take anything from anybody. She has to be the bawdiest, most outrageous looking woman in showbusiness, but she's also one of the most successful. She's been married to the same man, who, according to all reports, is madly in love with her, for 44 years in May. She has had a top five country hit in each of the last five decades. She's had a number one hit in four consecutive decades.

In short, Dolly Parton is a badass woman who takes life on her own terms and wins. She's sweet, funny, and tough. I think she's awesome. So Dolly, keep being an awesome woman for the rest of us to look up to.

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