Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally made it off the Yukon!! Woohoo!! For those who don't know, I'm currently stationed on my parent's couch in Southlake, TX. It's my favorite spot. The last month or so on the Yukon was gouge your eyes out for entertainment boring. We had a two week Voyage Repair period where we just sat at the dock and didn't do... anything. As a cadet on board, they pretty much just like us to keep out of the way, so I spent most of my days sleeping. Shucks, right? After the VR, we did our usual out to sea, back in port tango. I made some progress on my Ring Dance dress shopping and caught up on any TV shows I may have missed. Other than that, it was pretty lame. I did go see the movie Watchmen, and I'm not going to lie to y'all, I hated every minute of it. I can see how it would be a critical darling, but it was waay too dark and gory for me. The real world is depressing enough, why watch depressing movies?
I detached from the USNS Yukon Tuesday afternoon around 1300 or so and made my way to the Hale Koa on Waikiki to have one last Coke on the beach. I accomplished that with remarkable swiftness and went to the airport. I have one giant complaint for Honolulu Airport. Why no magazines? The entire airport had no magazines. It was terrible. I had been waiting for all of March to read the March issue of Glamour (70th anniversary issue, Katie Holmes on the cover!!) and they had none at the airport... none!! I was horrified. Seriously not cool Honolulu Airport. The flight itself was typically not fun. They showed the movie Four Christmases, which I've wanted to see forever, but I couldn't find my headphones... foiled again! Also, I was seated next to a giant of a man who smelled funny. Which made for an interesting eight hours or so of flight.
Home has been great so far. All 27 hours of it. Turns out no matter how long I'm gone, nothing really changes in Southlake. Seriously, nothing changes. Except my neighbors across the street are moving. But other than that... nothing. It's all exactly the same. It's kind of comforting, if a little wierd.
Last but not least, today Chris finds out if he gets Jets, Helos, or Props. We've got everything crossed for Jets, but if you get a chance today before 1:00 PM central time, say a quick little prayer for him? That would be amazing. Thanks everybody!! I'm sure he'll keep everyone posted on the answer. And I'm sure I'll post it too once we find out.

Peace, and I'm out.