Monday, March 22, 2010

Er... Sorry?

So I realize that it's been about a year since I last wrote an entry here. And anyone who reads this (including my mother) has now forgotten it exists. But it makes me feel better to write it. Mostly because I need to get some thoughts out there.

I logged on to Facebook tonight and saw that I had an invitation to join a group opposing the new healthcare bill. As I always do when invited to join a group, I went to the page and investigated. I could not bring myself to join the group. (I'll leave my political affiliations and personal opinions of the bill, both positive and negative, out of it for now as it's not relevant to this blog.) What is it about politics that brings out the ignorant, the pompous, and the truly mean in humanity? I found myself reading the postings on one of the group's message boards debating the relative merits of the bill. It was started by a supporter of the bill who'd joined the group simply to bash the members (bad form, Jack). He began his post by calling all members of the group "narrow minded, bigoted, assholes." And the members of the group, rather than simply rolling their eyes at such a childish volley, sunk to the original poster's level and perpetuated the poor grammar, incorrect spelling, and vulgarity he began! Why would anyone take an argument that began with a personal attack seriously? And why would they respond in kind? It simply lowers the intelligence of the argument, thus negating any valid points you might have made! It drives me crazy!!

I think I'm done with my rant. Oops, one more thing. Why is it that nobody can ever concede that the entire world will never agree on anything? There will always be those who do not agree with you. They're not wrong, they simply see things from a different perspective. The only time people can be wrong is in grammar, spelling, and basic mathematics. Other than that, anything is possible.

Good night, and I'll see if I can find something to rant about later.